New Homeless Shelter Director

Widow’s Perch Pine House Announces New Director

Appeared in Widow’s Perch Herald, December 2nd 1979

The Pine House has a new General Director of Services following the resignation of the former director, who took responsibility for allowing tainted soup to be served, which sickened dozens. Mr. Lyle Countershot hopes to correct the reputation of the primary local care-giving institute for the homeless.

“Any given night, we’ve got [a hundred people] in here. Most of them are very [decent] human beings that just need their [chance] to get back on their feet, and do not need any further [disrespect],” he said.

A former Corporal who served in the 25th Battalion in the Vietnam War, he also hopes to extend the veteran outreach program, an effort close to his heart.

“Widow’s Perch has a number of retired veterans, and it’s [disgraceful] that so many end up on [the streets]. For some, it’s a matter of pride. Others just find it hard to talk to people about their [difficulties]. We want them to know that they’re always welcome here.”

Mr. Countershot tells us that while he does have a home, he practically “lives out of his van” and is always on the move, trying to stay busy. 

“My van is full of [material] that I use to keep the homeless comfortable and entertained. A little [humor] goes a long way. That’s something those [Washington D.C. bureaucrats] forget.”