Toot Stop Inc.

Toot Stop Inc. Press Release

Appeared in Widow’s Perch Herald on September 15th, 1975


For Immediate Release

Toot Stop Inc. (headquarters in Boring, OR) is pleased to announce that plans to expand our chain into Widow’s Perch, Oregon territory have been finalized! Soon, the wonderful people of this beautiful town will no longer need to drive to Salem to fulfill their urges for one of our world-famous Toot brand drinks!

We will be transforming the long-abandoned Rusty’s Truck-n-Go into one of our signature commercial vehicle rest areas, which will also carry a family dining room similar to our beloved family restaurants seen throughout the Pacific Northwest. Once our scheduled renovations are complete in June of 1976, adults and children alike from all across Widow’s Perch will be able to stop in and enjoy some classic Americana cuisine as prepared by our excellent world-renown chefs!

And no one will want to leave empty-handed when local Toot beverages arrive! These delicious mixes of soda pop and milkshakes are so popular, that even Toot Boy™ can’t keep his hands off! They come in a variety of sizes and make for scrumptious treats year-long! You can soon expect to see your friends and neighbors of all ages carrying a Toot in their hands, wherever they may be!

Our spritely Toot Boy™ has been the face of our company since our first restaurant opened in Boring, Oregon in 1951. Ever since then, we have spread our national treasure of a menu across the region, and Toot Boy™ now graces nearly twenty locations across the states of Washington and Oregon. Isn’t it about time you try a Toot? Come see us on our grand opening, and purchase one for 50% off!

© 1975, Toot Stop Inc.