A Blurb that Appeared in Widow’s Perch Herald on September 4th, 1980

Yesterday, Widow’s Perch welcomed three new young citizens to its community. The triplets, the first born locally in twenty years, are healthy and doing well. One after the other, they arrived and greeted their delighted parents with gurgles of love. Two boys and one girl: Adrian, Bennett, and Candace; wrapped in two blue blankets and one pink blanket. As with all multiples, birth weights were smaller than average, so the three and their happy parents spent the night at the hospital, just to be safe. This morning, they will be heading home.

The parents, Mr. Laverdiere, a local real-estate developer, and Mrs. Laverdiere, a make-up artist at the Perch Palace Mall, are overwhelmed and never expected that such a miracle of life would happen to them, at least until the ultrasound revealed that there was more than “one bun in the oven.”

“We were planning on having two babies, at most, and not at the same time!” Mrs. Laverdiere told our reporter. “Lucky for us, we already have a large room that we turned into a nursery. I just hope they don’t become three little trouble-makers!”

The father told us, “Two strapping young boys! What dad could ask for more?”

The last triplets born in Widow’s Perch, the three Monticlaire boys, were born in 1960 and no longer live locally. The town’s largest multiple birth was in 1951, when the Lang quadruplets were born to a Chinese immigrant couple; they had two boys and two girls.